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Cash For Junk Car is an efficiency-based cash for cars business based in Sydney. If you are someone that owns a bus or several buses that no longer serve you as they once used to, our Cash For Buses services are only a call away!
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We realise that sometimes it is too costly to send a bus in for repairs or to invest further in bringing it back to life. On the other hand, it can also be quite tedious to find the right buyers for your bus. But, that’s where we come in! We are here to make the entire process a breeze for you.

Why opt for Our Cash for Bus Deal?

We are a Sydney based business aiming to make the selling of scrap vehicles a breeze for you. Oftentimes, buses can be hard to sell, especially if they are wrecked. However, with our Cash For Buses service, you no longer have to worry about any of the complications.

While most of the cash for car business tend to make matters complicated, we are a company that makes matters as simple and straightforward as we can for our patrons. We do not require excessive paperwork that you need to go through nor do we require you to go through complicated procedures in order to prove any eligibility criteria.

If you have been storing up scrap buses just because you don’t have the time to spare; the means to have it towed to a station, or it doesn’t work at all, then it is time to stop stalling. We are a company that invests all our efforts into our unparalleled customer services. We are quick to reach you once you decide that you wish to hire our services and then, the rest is all our work.

Your only job in the entire process is to receive the instant cash from us as we tow your bus away to our yard. The towing service we provide is completely free of cost too!

With us, you do not have to worry about any scams since we make sure that the price we offer is in line with the market price. We are transparent in our dealings and our expert team is quick and accurate at judging the value of any given scrap car. All you need to do to get a quote is give us a call or provide us with the details of your vehicle.

We accept all makes and models of buses

Our company does not filter any make or model while purchasing them from our customers. As long as you own a scrap vehicle you are willing to get rid of, we are there to buy it off of you for the best prices. We offer all our customers with mind blowing deals on their scrap buses. For us, it doesn’t matter what condition your vehicle is in or even if it is wrecked completely. We accept accident buses, wrecked buses, buses with or without engines and/or
tyres, etc.

We also accept all brands including but not limited to:

Contact Us to Get Top Cash for Buses in Sydney

With our unchallenged price offers and customer service, you need not look any further for Cash For Buses services in Sydney. Just give us a call at 0434 500 716 today to get a quote for your scrap bus!

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